Monday, 8 May 2017

3 Must Know Submersible Pumps in Pumping World

Being a part of pumping industry over decades, Darling pumps knows that dewatering submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps, and slurry submersible pumps are the three stars of water pumping world. We are sure you’d be convinced of this too, after reading this blog.

1. Dewatering Submersible Pumps  
Dewatering Submersible Pumps | India

    One of the most popular stars in this category is dewatering submersible pumps.
They play a major role when it comes to the activity of dewatering. Whether we talk about dewatering of pits, quarries, basements or mass water transfer, the dewatering submersible pumps pull it all off. However, they are majorly used for pumping that dirty water which has chunks of suspended solids. In the modern age, this water pump is used by various fields of businesses. They involve Industrial applications and infrastructure projects etc. Not only this, but our star is also very useful when it comes to domestic applications.

    2. Sewage Submersible Pumps

Sewage Submersible Pumps | India
Being a star, sewage submersible pumps have their own tantrums. By this, we mean that when it comes to running these pumps, it’s always a big task. Or we could say that it was. With time, like everything else, the sewage submersible pumps have also evolved. They have been built with the best and most innovative technology. This addresses the previous problems that used to exist with them. Hence, using this equipment has now become free of jams. They are majorly used for activities like waste and sludge removal. The industrial sections that they are used in are chemical plants, tanneries, sewage works and much more places.

3. Slurry Submersible Pumps
Slurry Submersible Pumps | India
As the name suggests, these water pumps work on “slurry”. Slurry is basically an abrasive fluid which is generally a mixture of mud with water or Ash, coal, cement iron ore, iron dust, iron scales with water respectively. It can be settling or non - settling, corrosive or non-corrosive. The main purpose behind the movement of this fluid is to hydraulically transport solids particles. Slurry submersible pumps are the pumps which are used for a major variety of applications. These applications include pumping ash slurry, iron slurry, waste sludge handling, and clean up of sumps, removal of silt built up, waste collection ponds and many more. They are also very useful in the mining industries. 

Therefore, the roles and applications that these water pumps have make them the three stars of the water pumping industry. Darling Water Pumps have the best of all these three stars. Call +91 99819 92838 for details.

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