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All about solid handling submersible pumps

Darling pumps have always been your trustful pump solution provider.We have always provided you with the best dewatering submersible pumps in India.However, we do not want to be just that. We want our customers to gain knowledge about our world. Therefore, in this blog, we will take you through the information on solid handling submersible pumps.

Solid Handling Submersible Pumps | Dewatering Pumps India

Firstly, you need to know what solid handling submersible pumps do.Well, these pumps are used to handle the most difficult solids applications. They are used for tasks like raw water lift stations and sewage that are generally unattended and need utmost freedom and reliability from clogging or other downtime maintenance.

When it comes to plants, they demand the water pumps to provide sustained high performance. These kinds of pumps need to have the best possible design to resist clogging. On top of that, they are also required to have minimum size driving motors and controls that reduce operational costs and construction. Wastewater and sewage treatment plants as well as industrial plants, where this service is needed, are other typical installations.

In order to successfully apply the use of solid handling submersible pumps, we need to take into account many elements. On top of knowing the discharge head requirements as well as the capacity of the pump, other factors that require to be analyzed are the following.
  • Driver requirements
  • Capacity operating range
  • Horsepower required throughout the pump&operating range
  • Parameters of the liquid being pumped
  • Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA) and submergence
  • Allowable solid size
  • Material of construction
  • System head curve
  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Sump requirements
  • Elevation

Now that we have looked into the considerations that we need to keep in mind, let us go on talking about the features of solid handling submersible pumps. Following are the submersible solids handling pump features.

In order to meet user needs, the parameters of these pumps need the units to be available in configurations. These pumps can be of the pull-up type configuration. This allows the customer to conduct an easy inspection by quickly pulling the unit out of the wet well. As the pump gets lowered in place, the discharge connection is made with the discharge elbow.

Apart from providing, the best dewatering submersible pumps in India, darling pumps also provides you with impressive solid handling submersible pumps. 
The performance of our pumps is impressive and always up to the mark.

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