Wednesday, 8 November 2017

All about Sewage Pumps

Whenever sewage-pumping is done, but on a smaller scale or on a larger scale, then submersible sewage pumps has to get into the picture.  A dramatic growth of the submersible pump for sewage pumping has been witnessed since the 1950’s. However, before we get into any more of this, we need to acknowledge the story step by step.  
Here goes.
What is sewage treatment?
The sewage treatment is a process where contaminants are removed from waste water / sewage or effluent.  This process would include biological, physical, and chemical processes that remove these contaminants. It further produces treated water which is environmentally safer. This is also called recycled water. A semi-solid waste or slurry, known as sewage / sludge is usually a by-product of the sewage treatment. This undergoes further treatment before it can be suitable for land application or disposal. 

Sewage Pumps | Submersible Pumps

What are the classes of submersible pumps?
There are typically three classes of submersible pumps that exist.
      1. Smaller submersible pumps
This type of submersible pump is used for light duty & for domestic applications. 

      2. Larger submersible pumps                                                                                              
This type of submersible pump is used in industrial and municipal applications. They are used to pump sewage as well as all types of industrial wastewater. 

     3. Submersible chopper pumps
Submersible chopper pumps are used for churning larger concentrations of solids, whereby large solids particles are shredded to a pumpable form. This in turn can avoid clogging of pipe due to large solids. These are generally used in industrial wastewater and domestic applications.
Submersible pumps are normally used where drainage by gravity is not possible.

What is the famous range of sewage pumps?
Some of the important series of sewage pumps are submersible non clog pump - Unclog Series pumps & Vertical Wet Pit Series - Enviro Pumps & Sump Pumps. 

What are these pumps ideal for?
The above series of sewage pumps are ideal for pumping heavily contaminated water, sewage, effluents, and sludge in variety of Domestic, Industrial & Municipal applications. These pumps are very much ideal for pumping Industrial Waste & Effluents, Govt. & private ETP & STP Plants, pumping Raw Sewage, Sludge Removal, Lifting Stations and Underpasses, Sewage works, River Pollution Cleaning, Open Cast Mines, Tanneries & many more similar applications.
The domestic application includes removing of heavily contaminated water from collection pits, colony settling tanks, private pumping stations or treatment plants etc.
Similarly, the commercial application includes pumping sewage in hospitals & hotels, IT / BPO centres etc. 
On the other hand, the industrial application includes pumping heavy duty sewage / sludge in industries such as paper, cement, Pharma, steel etc. These pumps are very apt for pumping industrial waste from collection pits, settling tanks etc.  
It also be used for various municipal applications like sewage disposal and mass transfer of sludge etc.