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All about Vertical Turbine Pumps

A Vertical Turbine Pump is also referred to as a deep well turbine pump. It is mixed flow type pump or a vertical axis centrifugal which comprises of stages. These stages accommodate stationary bowls that possess guide vanes. They also have rotating impellers.

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When are they used?
When the pumping water level is below the limits of Vertical centrifugal pump that is the time when a Vertical Turbine Pump comes into use. They come with a higher initial cost and comparatively a difficult installation and repair process. When we talk about the pressure head developed, it depends on the speed at which the impeller is rotated along with the diameter of the impeller. However, when a single impeller is used to develop the pressure head it’s not so great. With the help of more stage or bowl assemblies, an additional head can be obtained.

The Way They are Constructed

A Vertical Turbine Pump is basically made up of three parts -

Discharge Column
The job of this part is to not only to connect the pump head and the bowl assembly but it is also to conduct water from the bowl assembly to the pump head.

Discharge Head
This part consists of the base. It is this base from which the shaft assembly, the bowl assembly, and the discharge column are suspended.

Pump Element
This element is made up of one or more stages or bowls. Each of the bowls that it is made up of consists of a diffuser and an impeller.

Limitations of the Vertical Turbine Pump

A Vertical Turbine Pump holds certain limitations to it. Here are few of them -

The vertical turbine pump requires quite a bit of attention when it comes to the regular maintenance of the pump. The pump also requires more spares to be maintained.

The vertical turbine pump is very difficult to dismantle. The pump also requires very expensive material handling equipment.

The assembly process of a vertical turbine pump is as complicated as the process of disassembly. We hope the information above gave you a good idea about the vertical turbine pumps.

In the upcoming blog, we will discuss about Submersible vertical turbine pumps and how they overcome the limitations of vertical turbine pumps. To know more, call Darling Pumps at +91 99819 92838.

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