Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Introducing SVT (Submersible Vertical Turbine) Pumps

In the last blog, we talked about vertical turbine pumps and their basics. We discussed various features of these pumps, what they are, their applications and their construction along with their limitations.
Although vertical turbine pumps are very popular for raw water pumping, but they comes with their own limitations like – they require dedicated pump house, are difficult to install, has limited operations during monsoon, prone to frequent maintenance post monsoon, high spares & maintenance cost, complicated & time consuming maintenance so on…
Add to this, at times Vertical turbine pumps cannot be used when they are needed the most i.e. summer time. As water level goes down normal VT pumps cannot be used & even if they are put to use somehow there is a huge risk of abnormal wear & tear if raw water has any sand content.'
So, what do the modern day engineers do?
Live with these limitations or opt for peace of mind….
The answer lies in “Darling Pumps” - who has introduced a new concept of -  Submersible Vertical Turbine (SVT pumps).
Darling - SVT Series pumps are equipped for turbid raw water pumping. They are an ideal replacement for conventional Vertical Turbine pumps & stand good where consistent & mass water supply is to be made. These pumps can be regularly seen in govt. water supply schemes / projects, Power generation plants etc.
The SVT (submersible vertical turbine) pumps do not only contain advanced features but also provide real value for money to its users. These pumps are ideal for various applications and situations.
If we go on exploring the advantages of the submersible vertical turbine pumps we discover that there are lots of them. Especially when we put up a direct comparison between the conventional vertical turbine pumps and the submersible vertical turbine series pumps, we understand why the latter is a better choice.
Therefore to make you understand this better, we will be sharing a detailed comparison between the two pumps, in the coming blogs.
The comparison would hold various basis including their cost, assembly, shaft, bearing, disassembly, civil work, routine maintenance, spares etc.
We think that the use of SVT (submersible vertical turbine) series pump would majorly benefit the users in terms of time, cost as well as ease of application.

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