Thursday, 22 June 2017

Our Generation Next Jumbo Dewatering Pumps in India

At Darling Pumps, our guiding principle has been “continuous and never ending improvements”. This has brought us to make jumbo dewatering pumps India that is equipped with great features enhancing overall ownership perception. Our generation next jumbo dewatering pumps India also enhance the product perception value for all of our clients.

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But why just take our word for it? Here’s a list of all the amazing features that are incorporated in this product. This would convince you that Darling Pumps do in fact have a lot to offer! Have a look:
  • An Improvement in the Performance
As we believe that constant improvements are what get us going, we make it a point to compare our new products to the older ones. This creates new benchmarks for us every time. On comparing our earlier series of pumps we discovered that efficiencies of our corresponding pumps in DJ, DT, DJC, and DTC series have greatly improved. Hence, they provide more pumped water comparatively.
  • Improved Aesthetics
Our dewatering pumps India have not only improved on the basis of their looks but have also added overall value experience for our customers. The modular and sturdy design with SS outer body and rubberized power cable also aids better interchangeability.
  • An Improvement in the Technical Features
We have equipped our DJC and DTC series pumps with inbuilt pump controller. This controller helps in reducing the chances of the dry running of the pump. Provisions like these that restore efficiency add to the longevity of the products. They also benefit us and the customer by bringing down the cost of maintenance drastically.

Another improvement that we would like to bring to notice is the spacious cable terminating arrangement in these pumps. This highly helps in the maintenance of the pumps. It also facilitates a quick and very easy change of cable. This can be really helpful in cases where the cable is damaged or if joint less cable of longer length is to be fixed to the pumps. 

There are various other improvements that we constantly work on when offering you our dewatering pumps in India. We always find ways to add value to our product and increase the ease of utility for our customers. After all, we believe in the provision of our motto. “Simply Pump. Get in touch with Darling Pumps Today.